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Sabre KingCone Bushings

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Sabre KingCone Bushings

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The Sabre "KingCone" shape is the largest bushing in our lineup. Designed to restrict turn and lean without needing to resort to a cup washer, this super fat cone "Barrical" shape is ideal as a boardside bushing in RKP trucks on your freeride or downhill setup. 16mm/0.6" tall and 25mm/0.975"at the narrow end, this is intended to be run with the narrow end in your hanger bushing seat. We hand pour these from our own exclusive formula in the UK.

  • Super fat shape to restrict turn more than a barrel without the use of a cup washer

  • 16mm/0.6"³ tall

  • 25mm/0.975"³ wide at the narrow end

  • 30.5mm/1.2"³ wide at the wide end

  • Available in X-Type (86A Orange), F-Type (90A Red), and R-Type (93A Green)

  • Sold with a sticker and a flat washer

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  • "Durometer": 90a

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