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Sk8kings Turbo wheels 75mm pair

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Sk8kings Turbo wheels

1x Pair (2x wheels) For a complete board please order 2x pairs.

Sk8kings composite core Slalom Racing wheels. Made in USA.

75mm x 56mm (79a, 82a, 85a)

Please choose durometer.

First debuting in 2013, our Turbo Wheels have been THE wheel of choice for our World Champion Sk8Kings racing team. Offering traction, speed and predictable slide control - Turbos have helped our team riders to the podium in races worldwide ever since! Our original ST (SpeedTrack) formula is awesome in the harder duro 85a and our latest SS (SuperSpeed) urethane formula kicks up the speed potential in the softer duros 79a and 82a - while still maintaining that excellent grip quality our Turbos are known for. The composite glass core version offers similar benefits of the precision cnc aluminum hubbed Turbo wheel at a market-competitive price. The material blend of the composite hub results in a very solid bearing seat and promotes superior wheel alignment through critical turns. Our Turbo Wheels are an excellent choice for all racing disciplines as well as Turbo-charging your favorite ride. Our motto is "If you're grippin - your're rippin!" The Turbo Wheel line includes 70mm/75mm sizes Composite Core AND Aluminum Core versions. Turbo Wheels - like all Sk8Kings skateboard gear - are made right here in Southern California -- USA Proud!

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