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Skateboard Collecting Is Not A Crime Sweater

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Skateboard Collecting is not a crime Sweater black

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100% Baumwolle, Printed in Germany.

Apparel printed with stunning skateboard graphics or bold slogans have always been a part of the skateboard culture and its community. Our SCINAC (skateboard collecting is not a crime) apparel collection pays tribute to the over 25.000 skateboard collectors worldwide who are the true archivist of this youth culture, preserving the history of skateboarding with their old painted woods known as skateboards. ? So why the name? Well, some years ago my girlfriend, rather sarcastically asked 'Don't you own enough skateboards yet? Which is a legit question, but also a difficult one for a collector to answer. So, I replied "I don't know, but skateboard collecting is not a crime." And SCINAC was born. ? The quote also pays homage to the infamous SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME bumper sticker that came as an add-on with a Thrasher skateboard magazine issue in the 80s and was later claimed by NHS aka Santa Cruz Skateboards. ? This apparel collection developed out of a simple sticker I designed and sent to fellow collectors who then asked for t-shirts. The first drop sold out fast, the skateboard collecting community was hungry for more. So now we launch a second drop, not only with t-shirts this time, but also sweaters, hoodies and zipped hoodies. ? All come as heavy Bio-Cotton garments with the screen-printed SCINAC logo and a sticker ? From every order € 1 will be donated to SANSKATE.ORG Skate & Youth Center. ? #skateboardcollectingisnotacrime


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