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MADNESS Skateboards - 

Erstellt am: 10.04.2019 12:23

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Holy shit! Extremely Foolish Behavior.

Madness Skateboards look so damn good!

Details, details, details! Wheel wells, special transfers, screenprints, special shapes, side and top print for just 59.90€ deck.

Carver + Triton Surfskates 2019 - 

Erstellt am: 03.04.2019 12:01

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New Surfskates from Carver and Triton by carver are here! Triton boards are now equipped with Carver's C5 Surfskate Truck and smaller 61mm wheels. This makes em a super allround board for the whole family. Kids will love the lower boards.

21 years Carver. Due to this, Carver released the all new Carver Origin C7 complete Surfskate 31.5"  21 Years tells it all. Featuring the new "Hyperspoon" mold with a deeper front foot pocket, the Origin is smooth and flowy with confident rail to rail responsiveness. 

Happy Birthday Carver Surfskates!

Polar Skate Co. - 

Erstellt am: 22.03.2019 12:06

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We could finally order some Polar Skate Co.boards for our shop and that makes us happy.

Mastermind Pontus Alv's boards convinzed us with it's shapes from street to oldschool from artsy to shaped. Very special, but also hella cool! Everybody should find some wood from Polar.