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Street Plant M&M T-Shirt blue

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Street Plant M&M T-Shirt

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100% Baumwolle, Made in USA.

he M&M Skates T-Shirt is Made In The USA and Screen Printed at Skater Owned Teal Press. With our sponsors' blessing, Matt Hensley and I met in Huntington Beach, California, sometime in 1990 to discuss what collaborating on a company might look like. The idea was that this would be a joint venture of sorts between World Industries and H-Street. No one knew how that would work, but we were excited about taking some control of the branding that surrounded our careers. Matt and I shared a feeling of kinship, a bond that went beyond admiration for each other's Skating. At the time, we felt isolated in the situations we were in and believed there was a better way. We didn't know what that was but thought it could be worthwhile to set out together and try to figure it out. We came up with the name M&M Skates; it seemed kinda’ silly at first, but as we kept talking, it grew on us, and we shook hands on it. The rest would be up to our sponsors to sort out. But in the end, the logistics of such an arrangement proved difficult and gave way to a larger conversation that would become Plan B Skateboards. So, as Matt went on to his Plan B, and I found a New Deal, Skateboarding’s march forward buried M&M Skates in the churning soil, that is, until now!

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