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Street Plant Street Tank deck 10"

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Street Plant Street Tank deck 10"

Deck only. Griptape not included.

  • 10" x 30"
  • Wheelbase: 15"
  • Nose: 4"
  • Tail: 6.5"
  • w/ Wheel Wells

Late-70's/Mid-80's Hybrid Shape. w/ Modern Concave and Wheel Wells. 70's Look, Modern Function.
Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix.

Black Top and Bottom Veneers. Red Center Core Veneer. Hard Edge Tops. Top Graphic: Street Tank

Nobody knows the full story about this graphic?until now. I started drawing bulldogs when I was fourteen years old. I drew on and off for a few years until I reached my twenties. After that, I pretty much quit drawing. I just worked and lived life. In 2009 I made an art room in the house that I moved into and started drawing again just for fun. I drew a dog crouching and holding an object. I digitized the drawing and hung it up on the wall above my desk. I stared at it every day for six years. Every time I saw it, I knew one day I would put a skateboard under the dog?s feet and make a skateboard graphic out of it. I didn?t know how or when but I knew one day I would do it. In 2016 I started to get back into skateboarding. As I looked for skateboards online, I stumbled upon Street Plant. I ended up buying a few boards and following the company from time to time. I began to admire what they were doing from afar. I requested Mike V. sign one of my decks one day with ?Once a Skater, Always a Skater.? I thought it was so cool that he actually took the time to sign the skateboard for me. A few months later I saw he was going to be at Flatbar Skate Shop on September 11th. I thought I should go down and shake his hand and take him something to repay him. But then I thought, ?I am no longer a skateboarder, I am a grown man in his forties. It will probably be crowded with kids and skateboarders wondering why I am there?. I was very apprehensive. It would probably be foolish even to go and see him. He has this thing he started up called the Street Plant Battalion that seemed pretty cool. I thought maybe I could make a few prints with the Street Plant Battalion theme to take to the skate shop to give to the skateboarders so that they would have something for Mike V. sign as a souvenir. But then I thought it was a stupid idea, the skate shop would laugh at my prints, and no one would want one anyway. I battled in my mind what to do and then a few days before I decided to make the prints. For the next four days, I used every free minute to create the graphic and digitize it. Now it was Saturday, the day Mike V. was coming to town. I wanted to print at least twenty copies to take to the shop the day before to see if they would mind. But I was having printer problems. I kept getting misprints, banding marks, etc. So, I ended up running out of paper and had to go buy more. Luckily the store had one last package of thirteen by nineteen-inch paper. I finally got the printer working, but I ran out of ink. Back to the store again. The clock was ticking, I was sweating, it was an eighty-eight-degree day, and I had to make it back to the skate shop before it closed. I finally finished and took the prints to the skate shop. I met with one of the owners who was very friendly and welcoming. I left the prints and went home. I still wasn?t sure if I would go back the next day. I thought, ?Am I crazy, why am I doing this?? but I went. When I got to the skate shop, I met and talked with some cool people and had fun. Mike V. showed up, and it was like talking to one of my friends I used to skate with growing up. We shook hands and parted ways. I still didn?t know if I made a fool of myself, but I did what my heart told me to do. I gave Mike an email a few days after thanking him for his time and making sure he was okay with me putting Street Plant Battalion on the prints. He said it was fine and asked me to send him a print. He then posted the artwork on his Instagram page and wrote a cool story about our meeting. After that, a few people contacted me, giving positive feedback, and encouraging me. This was the first time I had a profile on social media, and these people were strangers to me. It made me feel that I did the right thing and that I should continue. So, I continued to make one print per week and writing small stories from the heart. The feedback I received from a few people behind the scenes touched me. It validated what I was doing. I asked Mike V. if it was okay for me to continue, and he said to me, ?Follow your heart.? This was basically leaving the door part way open, allowing me to enter the room if I wished. At that point, I decided to give everything I had for a year and see where I ended up. I wasn?t going to push the door open slowly, I was going to smash the door into a million pieces and enter the room. The energy that was passed on to me from Mike and the other Battalion members I wanted to return ten-fold. A lot of my graphics portray the energy in the form of a lightning bolt and the dog grabbing it tightly. The energy always flows in two directions. One year turned into two years and two years turned into three years. The energy kept flowing. But as things got better artistically, life behind the scenes got more difficult. The artwork became harder and harder to create due to circumstances beyond my control. I wanted to quit, but the Battalion kept me going. Their energy paved the way. I could not quit on them. I realized every kind gesture, and small compliment counted. This three-year experience has drawn me to this conclusion, that nothing is too small and whatever you can contribute matters. Make no mistake, this graphic belongs to the Street Plant Battalion. It is YOUR energy that makes it happen!!!
Thank you!!!Mike Aches
PS. Just another skateboard graphic.
Let's Go!!!

"Colore": grigio
"Lunghezza": 30.0"
"Larghezza": 10.0"
"Wheelbase": 15"

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