'The Dream' | Joey Jett's Pro Part für Street Plant Erstellt am: 07.11.2018 17:00

Joey Jett traf Mike Vallely das erste mal, als er 7 Jahre alt war. Jetzt (im Alter von 20 jahren) ist er der neueste Pro auf Street Plant (Mike Vallelys Firma). Street Plant "The Dream" wurde in den USA, Japan, London und Dänemark gefilmt. Es ist Joey Jett's Pro Part und der Name sagt eigentlich schon alles!

Video von the Berrics.

Über Joey Jett (von https://www.streetplantbrand.com/product-tag/joey-jett/)

Date Of Birth: June 19, 1998
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Current City: St Augustine, FL
Skating Since: 2006

I was just seven years old when I was named MVP of a contest in Philadelphia by none other than Mike Vallely. A picture was taken of us together and I mailed it to him. We never spoke or saw each other again for over ten years. I left the world of contests, took years off and then found my passion again with street skating and film. The editing, directing and skating in video parts seemed to complete the missing pieces of why I left skating as a child. A week after I finished high school, I sent Mike my latest video, The Process, to see if he might look at my second part.Imagine my surprise when Mike responded to me. He remembered me and had even kept that picture taken of us ten years earlier. Mike told me four words that would change my life and resonate with me forever.Skateboarding is an art. Those words set the vision of my part, The Dream. Touring the world with my childhood hero, making a film of the experience and later having him name me pro is just one of the reasons my pro part is called The Dream. Life can be a dream if you follow yours.

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