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Unlimited Engineering and Loaded Boards, Inc. have partnered to bring you premier electric skateboard conversion kits and complete electric skateboards. As they say, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. And remember, there is no I in Team (but there is an M and E).

Unlimited’s History:

Unlimited was formed in Barcelona in 2016 by a group of good friends. Carlos, Juan Pablo, and Alejandro originally founded the company, and Andres and Nicolas came aboard shortly thereafter. With strong tech backgrounds, years of building race cars for the university circuit, and numerous advanced degrees in engineering (including a PhD in engineering, 3 masters in engineering, and an MBA from MIT), they teamed up to build cutting-edge electric vehicles. All five are avid skaters and mountain bikers. They initially launched an electric skateboard conversion kit via Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in 2017 that quickly sold out.

Loaded’s History:

Loaded has been building decks since 2002. Loaded currently manufactures an extensive array of high-performance skateboards as well as a snowboard with a focus on carving, dancing, freeriding, and downhill. Loaded launched the Orangatang brand in 2008 to create premium longboard wheels. Loaded is also the worldwide distributor for the market-leading Paris Trucks since 2016.

Loaded’s E-Skate background:

Boosted approached Loaded in 2012 when founders John, Sanjay, and Matt were still at Stanford and John was riding a Loaded Vanguard. Loaded has been passionate about electric skateboards (and micro-mobility in general) for a long time and were stoked and blessed to have worked with Boosted for a number of years. Loaded built all of the decks and wheels for the Boosted V1 and V2 before deciding to separate from them early 2018 (prior to the V3 launch). Loaded also supplied and continues to supply Orangatang products to numerous other premier e-board manufacturers, including Evolve Skateboards.


Unlimited and Loaded joined forces in 2018 to relaunch a refined version of the original Unlimited system. Unlimited and Loaded now function as a unified entity, with Unlimited driving the electrical and software development and Loaded driving the mechanical development, marketing, sales, and worldwide distribution.


Unlimited and Loaded are committed to growing the action sports market as a whole. We’re not here to fight for market share but rather to bring innovative and important new products to the table to expand the scope of what an e-skate and electric vehicles in general can be. Through these products we intend to help build and strengthen the global e-skate community and influence urban planning for the future of micro-mobility. We believe that the shared passion of our combined team will allow us to explore uncharted and exciting new directions in e-skate and alternative transportation.

All of us at have tested the boards for some months now and we can't be happier with this product. The biggest difference to other e-skates is the perfect Orangatang Urethan, the ability to choose your own trucks and board and that you can customize the power of your Eboard via the App. Unlimited is our choice of daily transportation and commuting and we always have a big smile riding the boards everyday!

Our favourite complete so far is the Unlimited X Omakase Canyon Solo Complete.  It is leightweight, has enough power for all city belongings and the tail makes a lot of fun.

If you are looking for extra range, give the Cruiser Kit a try! The Unlimited Cruiser Kit is the most efficient version of the Unlimited range. Still small and light but with twice the range. Works great on any board and upgrades easily to a Race kit if you want even more speed and torque. Top-Speed: 37 km/h Range: 21 km Weight: 3 kg Gradient capability: 9°

And if you are a highspeed junkie you should definetely try the Race Kit. It is at Good as its get! 

The Unlimited Race Kit is our highest-end offering. Two batteries, two motors--hold onto your helmets. More power than you should ever need on an e-skate. Need we say more? Top-Speed: 43,5 km/h Range: 21 km Weight: 4 kg Gradient capability: 20° Two Motors. Two Batteries. Fits nearly any truck and deck. Recommended for any skateboard over 33" Four riding modes. User-tunable settings for speed, acceleration and braking. Airline friendly. Top-shelf components including custom designed motors, carbon plate and Orangatang Wheels.

The Race Kit is also available as a complete: The Unlimited x Loaded Tesseract Blue Race Complete for a stable all around board for highspeed action and as Icarus Flex 1 complete for a more relaxed ride with some extra power.

Have a look at the Start Up & Sync | Unlimited Knowledge Video before your first ride:

So have a look at our webshop and find all Unlimited X Loaded products:

If you have any questions, shoot us an email or give us a call. We are there for you!

Let's Skate!

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