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About Vision Skateboards

Founded in 1976 by Mark Gonzales, Vision was one of the biggest names in the industry during the 1980s. Gonzales is known as the pioneer of street skateboarding. The company is currently operated under Select Distribution, which owns other well known brands such as Elephant, Palisades, Magic, and Sims. Vision is known today for their top performing, highly reliable products used by pros around the world. They manufacture skateboard decks in all sizes and shapes to please any old school skater. Relive your memories of skating on Vision boards because their original Psycho Stick and Gonz decks have been reproduced to meet today’s standards! If you’re looking for a board that turns heads, this brand has got you covered. Vision skateboard decks come in a variety of neon colors, psychedelic prints, and unique cartoonish graphics. Vision has the boards you need! With over thirty-five years of experience under their belts, Vision has a loyal fan base that other brands envy. Stick with a brand that’s been there since the beginning and choose Vision!

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