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YOW Snappers Grom Series Komplett Surfskate 32"

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YOW Snappers Grom Series Komplett Surfskate 32"

Komplett Surfskate. Auspacken und los Skaten. 

Das Snappers in der Grom Series. Dieses Board ist extra für den Nachwuchs designt. Ausgestattet mit dem dem S4 Achsensystem bringt es das Surf-Feeling auf die Straße

The Snappers 32.5" is the most technical board we have ever made and one of the go-to boards according to all our riders. It features one of the deepest concaves on the market, which, alongside the wide nose and tail shape, will keep your feet glued to the board at all times. Its short wheelbase allows you to perform deeper and sharper turns. Mounted with the YOW V4 system S4 and combined with the 66x51mm 78A (soft) wheels for top precision in deep turns, it is recommended for kids for its higher reactivity.

Size: 32.5" x 10" x 17" WB Trucks: YOW 9.0" Standard/Silver Wheels: Cinetic Crop 66 x 51mm 78A Blue YOW System: S4 Concave: Deep Rocker: Nose & Tail Rocker


"Farbe": Pink
"Flexboard": Noflex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 32.5"
"Breite": 10.0"
"Shape": Asymmetrisch Double Kick

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