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Z-Flex Skateboards P.O.P. Purple Fade Komplett Minicruiser 27"

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Z-Flex Skateboards P.O.P. Purple Fade Komplett Minicruiser 27"

Kompletter Minicruiser. Auspacken und los geht`s.

Oldschool Cruiser von Z-Flex.

A reissue of our best-selling range of all time, we have redesigned the P.O.P boards with new colours that will make your style stand out. The P.O.P collection is inspired by the hot-rod and graffiti culture of the Dogtown Era in the 1970's. In a time of simple style, an aggressive style of skating was emphasized by the rebellious way of life that was Z-Flex. We emphasize the black-sheep approach of the Z-boys and the aggressive approach that was Jay Adams.

The 27" Cruiser is our classic shape for over 10 years and a staple in the range due to its great shape and usability for all levels of skaters. The Z-Smooth wheels are perfect for that daily commute or surf-check cruiser with their soft durometer of 83A allowing for a smooth ride on almost all concrete surfaces.

"Farbe": Lila
"Flexboard": Noflex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 27.0"
"Breite": 8.0"
"Shape": Asymmetrisch Single Kick

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