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Zak Maytum Pivot Tube for Rogue Trucks

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Zak Maytum Pivot Tube for Rogue Trucks

Sold as a pair. (2x pieces)

Please choose duro.

Introducing the new Pivot Tubes for Rogue Trucks by Zak Maytum. The same perfect urethane blend of rebound and dampening found in your Zak Maytum HPF bushings and pivot cups, now in a pivot tube shape geared for Rogues.

With Rogue trucks, we found the 'cupped' end of the pivot to be unnecessary and redundant. With Rogue's insert bushing technology, the hanger has zero vertical play, eliminating the need for a pivot cup. The new pivot tubes give the same precise feel and turn, but make removing your hangers easier and more convenient.

Now available in the same 90A (red), 93A (graphite impregnated), and 97A (pink).

The softer duros dampens road vibration for a smoother ride when cruising and carving. For higher performance freeriding, downhill, and racing, the harder duros will make your trucks feel more responsive, precise, and accurate so you can take the lines you need.

"Couleur": rouge rose gris
"Durometer": 90a 97a 93a

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