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Cruiser / Carver

A cruiser is a longboard which is mainly used for commuting to get as relaxed as possible from point a to b. The shape of the longboard deck is rather secondary. From this point of view every longboard deck can be used as a cruiser.

rolling there are boards with flex that even better dampen the ground irregularities. These boards are usually reinforced on the upper and lower side with glass or carbon fibers to achieve a deflection of the board without breaking (trampoline effect). More important than the shape of a longboard is the way of mounting the trucks. Basically, a distinction is made between dropthrough and topmount mounting. In the cruiser area dropthrough decks are preferred because of their low center of gravity. This type of truck mounting makes the board flatter and more stable than a topmountboard on the road, which makes pushing and braking much more comfortable and easier. With topmountboards the trucks are screwed from the bottom to the board. This makes it possible to stand near or on the truck, in contrast to dropthrough mounting, resulting in a greater leverage effect and thus a more direct response. In this way a topmountboard is better suited for carving down a hill with large s-shaped carves. These brands offer cruiser and carver longboard decks at our store: Alternative, Arbor, Airflow, Bustin, Fibretec, Goat, Gravity, Hackbrett, Icone, Kaliber, Landyachtz, Loaded, LGC, Mob, Moonshine, Olson & Hekmati, Omen, Quinboards, Rayne, Restless, Sector9, Sick of Winter and Slipstream.

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