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Here you can find our dancer decks. Dancing or boardwalking was taken over from the surfing and transferred to the street. You can do a variety of tricks such as peter pan, hang ten or crosssteps and combine them with each other to make it look as smooth as possible. Dancer decks are slightly longer than other longboards to make sure you have enough space for tricks and boardwalks.

significantly shrunk in comparison. Due to the more compact design of the current dancers, the border between the disciplines dance / boardwalk and freestyle blurs more and more. Tricks such as shove-it or kickflip which are actually skateboard tricks, now belong to the repertoire as well as the classic (nose)manual, g-turn, pivot or tigerclaw.

Peter Markgraf, (German Champion 2011 - Longboard Dancing) describes the requirements and his personal preferences on a dancer quite precisely: "The perfect dancerboard is, in my opinion, about 1.25 meters long, symmetrical and has wide double kicks, I like full shapes with a pleasant concave from nose to tail. The Flex is also important of course. You need enough flex to do boardwalking with flow, but it should also bring enough hardness to make fliptricks and combos. The perfect dancer should have a well-balanced mix between stiffness and flex. I should not be hard as a rock and not flexy as a trampoline."

You'll find dancer longboard decks of these brands at our store: Alternative, Airflow, Bastl Boards, BTFL, Dasilva, Fibretec, Goat, Gravity, Hackbrett, Loaded, Moonshine, Olson & Hekmati, Quinboards, Rayne and Slipstream.

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