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Decks from this category could easily be assigned to the categories techslide, freeride, street, pool and park, as well as citycruiser. We decided to combine these boards under the category hybrid skateboards. A hybrid deck is a mixture of a skateboard and longboard. These allround boards are very versatile and offer the possibility to combine streetskating and longboarding. The longer wheelbase gives you the necessary stability at faster runs or in the pool. Nose and tail kicks offer lots of pop for ollies and flip tricks.

For use as a freerider or cruiser, we recommend reverse kingpin trucks with 65mm wheels. With TKP trucks and hard wheels, you are perfectly equipped for the skate park.
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You'll find hybrid longboard decks of these brands at our store: Alternative, Bustin, Dasilva, Earthwing, Gravity, Jet, Landyachtz, Loaded, Lush, Mob, Moonshine, Rayne and Slipstream.

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