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Riserpads / Shockpads

Shockpads are mounted between the deck and the trucks and provide for cushioning of unevenness on the road. Riserpads are used to counter wheelbites by raising the trucks.

Here are our recommendations for a setup without wheelbites depending on the wheel size:
50 - 55mm: No or 0.62" shockpad
56 - 59mm: 1/8" shockpad / riserpad

60 - 63mm: 1/4" shockpad / riserpad
64 - 66mm: 1/2" riserpad

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These brand deliver high quality riserpads and shockpads: Arbor, Bolzen, Gunmetal, Independent, Kahalani, Khiro, Paris, Sector9, Sunrise and Vision.

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