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TSG Protection Set Basic

69,90 €
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TSG Protection Set Basic

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Kneepads, Elbowpads and Wristguards. Perfect allrounder protection beginner set for skateboarding or longboarding.

This all-in-one skate protection set includes a set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for beginners and bargain hunters.
The elbow and knee pads feature EVA cup foam and PE caps to provide protection against impacts and abrasions.
The wrist guards stabilise hands and wrists with full straps and palm splint.

ELBOW PADS BICEP S 26-29 CM M 29-32 CM L 32-35 CM
FOREARM 25-27 CM 27-28 CM 28-29 CM
THIGH 34-38 CM 38-42 CM 42-46 CM CALF 30-35 CM 35-40 CM 40-45 CM
PALM 17-19 CM 19-21 CM 21-23 CM


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