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Toy Machine's "Programming Injection" Full Length - 

Erstellt am: 07.11.2019 13:36


Toy Machine Programming Injection Video #7. Here is Toy’s new full-length in its glorious entirety, from start to finish.

Staring Blake Carpenter, CJ Collins, Leo Romero, Jeremy Leabres, Daniel Lutheran, Axel Cruysberghs & Collin Provost.

Get your Toy Machine wood here:

New Deal Skateboards - 

Erstellt am: 30.10.2019 10:19


For the first time ever New Deal Skateboards are available as Re-issues.

All New Deal Boards will be available November 4th 2019 at ConcreteWave!

New Deal Skateboard Products was founded in 1990 by Paul Schmitt, Steve Douglas, and Andy Howell as a platform for its team riders and artists to freely express their creativity on and off the board.


Limited to 237 boards.
Every board is signed by Claus Grabke.

"Much like a lot of you, I never thought this would ever happen, but here it is, the Powell-Peralta Claus Grabke Model-Reissue!!!

Yes, the dark horse, the holy grail of skateboard-collecting is here and George Powell and his team worked on this relentlessly to get everything perfect.