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Zak Maytum SHR Standard bushings

10,90 €
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Zak Maytum SHR Standard bushings

SHR = Super High Rebound

Sold as a pair. (1 barrel and 1 cone)

Please choose duro.

The idea behind the standard pack is Best of both worlds. 
The barrel on the bottom to give you solid stability, and the cone on top to deliver ridiculous turn. 
This combo is often used by people who want to ride a juicy setup, but sometimes encounter the odd massive hill. 

Barrels: .6 inch tall x .97 inch wide Cones: .6 inch tall x .93 inch/.65 inch wide.

Made In USA

SHR Formula

80A – Olive Green
83A – Pastel Yellow
86A – Pastel Blue
88A – Seafoam Green
91A – Blood Red
94A – White
98A – Grey


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