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Riptide APS Street Cone Bushings

9,50 €
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Riptide APS StreetCone Bushings

Sold as pair with washers & sticker.

Please choose duro.

Fits on classic street trucks.

  • Lively & Responsive

  • Custom APS Urethane blend for ultra-performance and sweet rebound

  • ..975" Dia x .5" High (24.77mm Dia x 12.7mm High)

  • Custom urethane blend for ultra-performance and sweet Rebound

About RipTide:

RipTide Sports, the parent company of RipTide Bushings,  is dedicated to providing 'new to the industry' products that are based on innovative, sustainable designs and manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to be your go-to resource for products specific to the Longboard Market that will help you to customize, tweak and just plain.
Make That Ride Fun Again!

    We believe in Longboarding as a healthy lifestyle - more than just a weekend sport.
    As such, our focus is on safety and providing products that will help the industry to grow.


    Longboarding makes Pavement Bearable

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    Penny Board Tweak
    5 di 5

    Ich baue die weichen 65a Barrel und 60a Street Cone Bushings in Penny Boards (hier Funtomia) ein, damit Kinder mit diesen nicht nur geradeaus fahren sondern ordentlich carven können.

    Marc B., 22.12.2022
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