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DB Longboards Dancefloor Flex 1 deck 43" green

269,90 €
disponibilità immediata
Tempo di consegna: 1 - 3 giorni lavorativi Paesi esteri

DB re-imagined what was possible when designing the CoreFlex Dance Floor. DB's new platform utilizes a two piece vertically laminated bamboo core reinforced by both triaxial and biaxial fiberglass. The resulting layup offers responsive flex, great wheel clearance, and a perfect platform for dancing. They’re excited to announce the Dance Floor in two sizes with two flex options each. Specs

Length 43.00 inches Width 9.50 inches Flexibility Flexy Maximum Wheelbase 27.25 inches Minimum Wheelbase 27.25 inches Riding Style Dance/Freestyle Mounting Style Top Mount


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