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Riptide APS Tall FatCone Bushings

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Riptide APS TallChubby Bushings

Please choose a durometer.

Sold as a pair.

We tested Riptide Bushings and the quality absolutely convinced us.

APS (Animated Polymer Systems):

Lively and responsive, high-performance urethane with just the right amount of rebound.  Very linear in response so you can control the bushing instead of the other way around.

Internally lubricated for smooth, fast, low-friction transitions in any competitive discipline.

The APS are allround high rebound bushings and the WFB are a bit special. They have a little less
rebound and feel softer with more lean and a smoother turning.

About RipTide:

RipTide Sports, the parent company of RipTide Bushings,  is dedicated to providing 'new to the industry' products that are based on innovative, sustainable designs and manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to be your go-to resource for products specific to the Longboard Market that will help you to customize, tweak and just plain.
Make That Ride Fun Again!

We believe in Longboarding as a healthy lifestyle - more than just a weekend sport.
As such, our focus is on safety and providing products that will help the industry to grow.

"Durometer": 75a 70a 95a 90a 85a 80a 97.5a

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