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187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Pads® has been designing and engineering pads for top pros for a decade. Started by a longtime skater in a family-owned pad shop, 187 Killer Pads® has since become the preferred choice of skaters worldwide. With its visionary designs and revolutionary systems, 187 Killer Pads® continues to lead the way in raising industry standards and improving protective gear.

Vinton Pacetti

founded 187 Killer Pads almost two decades ago. What began as a night and weekend business after his regular job has developed into the leading skate protection company. When you have riders as strong as Pedro Barros and Alex Sorgente, legends Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Lester Kasai and Tony Hawk as well as young talents Tom Schaar and Evan "Big E" Doherty on your team, there's no room for an inferior safety product.

187 Pads

are technically designed for the knee-sliding position... The cap fastening system is extremely secure... I can take a hard hit with them and still keep running... My equipment is important for my longevity and 187 is simply the best." - Lester Kasai

We spoke to Vinton and asked him why he started 187?

"Because you can fi#*+n mainstream skateboarding, that's why! When I started with 187 Killer Pads, mainstream skateboarding consisted of baggy pants and tiny wheels. Transition and vert were supposedly dead. You couldn't buy 8+ inch boards, no 60mm wheels, and certainly no good pads. My grandfather ran our wheels on a lathe to get rid of the flat spots. My mom and sister still run a canvas and padding business in Florida. We decided to sew some upholstery. I figured if I still wanted good knee pads, there were others out there like me. Other people who just wanted to skateboard. Others who didn't give a shit about the trends, who didn't give a shit about the magazines, the videos and their bullshit, they just wanted to skate!"

What makes 187 different?

"Everything about us is different. First and foremost, I skateboard! I actually use the products we design. We design products not only based on feedback from team riders, but also based on personal experience and use. Secondly, I make old school cut and sew patterns and shapes. We can turn a concept or idea into a working prototype faster than any other brand in our field. And we test them personally. And finally, we are an authentic brand. There's nothing wrong with us. There is no bullshit. Everything is well thought out: our knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and helmets. We never pull a product off a shelf in China and put our name on it like others do. Everything we produce is designed in our own workshop in California."

187 Killer Pads Pro knee pads test report:

Features and specifications V-22TM dual density foam Lock-INTM closure system Lightweight Quick-drying Ballistic nylon with industrial stitching Open back Contoured for excellent fit

The 187's are bulky like other pads, but they are designed to mold to the contour of the knee. The pads are very comfortable, unlike others I have used. The contoured shape ensures that they stay in place on the knee and I've never had any problems with them slipping - they stay in place. Of all the pads I've used so far, they seem to fit best when the knee is bent. The Pro Series has a two-stage closure system with a butterfly clasp that allows you to take them on and off without removing your shoes. Vinton sent me a short video showing how to put them on properly. You start from the bottom up, which helps to keep them snug on the knee. The cap is not riveted on like other pads, but is held in place by the Lock-INTM Cap System. You can get replacement caps in other colors.

As they are only held on by velcro, I wondered if the cap would stay in place; I've been using them for several months now and they haven't moved. As I mentioned earlier, they are bulky, but the impact protection they provide is second to none. When testing the Pro Knees, I smashed through a few walls and felt minimal impact. To summarize, if you are looking for the best skate protection, look no further than 187 Killer Pads. Designed and tested by skaters ... Hand built / sewn in the USA.

Advantages: Lightweight Adapts to your knee Dries quickly Protects your knee from impact Excellent construction

Disadvantages: Price... but you get what you pay for! (via oldguys)

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