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Skateboard and longboard wheels are made of polyurethane. The diameter, hardness, core position, lip shape and color can be selected depending on the application and your riding style. The degree of hardness of a wheel is determined by a durometer type a and ranges from 73a to 101a. The smaller the value before the "a" the softer the wheel.

Standard / Street:
Diameter: 50 - 55mm
Durometer: 98 - 101a
For weight optimization of your skateboard you should choose a wheel with a small contact patch.

Swimming pool / park:
Diameter: 54 - 60mm
Hardness: 98 - 101a
Wheels with a wider contact patch offer more grip when it comes to fast carves in the ramp.

Diameter: 54 - 66mm
Hardness: 80a - 95a
Soft cruiser wheels are available in various shapes for skateboards and longboards. If you are looking for a wheel to cruise through the city and do some kickflips you should choose a soft skateboardwheel.
Larger soft wheels are more comfortable and dampen unevenness on the road better.

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These brands deliver high quality skateboard wheels in various shapes, colors and duros: Abec11, Alva, Bones, Cloud Ride, Cult, Divine, Dogtown, Earthwing, Free, Hawgs, Haze, Jart, Kryptonics, Metro, Mini Logo, Mob, Moonshine, OJ, Orangatang, Penny, Pink, Powell & Peralta, RAD, Rayne, Restless, Retro, Robotron, Santa Cruz, Seismic, Skull Skates, Speedrats, Sublime, These, Trap, Tunnel, Type-S, VNM and Walzen.

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