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Skateboard Completes

Here you'll find complete skateboards, also called completes, which are already assembled by the manufacturer. The components of the boards are perfectly matched to each other and come ready to skate with trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape and suitable hardware.
In the category you can find classic skateboard made for tricks with hard wheels in different widths.

We recommend these deck widths for the first attempts:
0 - 6 years: under 6.5"
6 - 10 years: 6.5" - 7.25"
From 10 years: 7.5" or wider

In addition to complete boards with hard wheels there are also cruiser skateboards with soft wheels for relaxed cruising and do some ollies on your way through the city.
These brands deliver high quality and ready to skate completes: Globe, JartLoaded, Mob, SK8MAFIASlipstream, Solid, Sunrise und Trap.

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