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Bearings / Oil

Two bearings and one spacer are required to mount one wheel to a truck. For the assembly of four wheels you need eight bearings and four spacers. The spacers prevent damage to the bearings due to laterally acting forces. Most bearings have an inside diameter of 8mm and therefore fit onto any conventional longboard or skateboard truck. Bearings are often marked "ABEC" (ABEC 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.). This designation describes the manufacturing tolerances for the production of industrial bearings. In the skateboard area, these gradations are rather less relevant. More important than the highest possible number behind "ABEC" is the quality and durability of the bearing.

steel used. Quality differences in bearings for longboards and skateboards can often be defined by the price. There are closed and semi-open bearings. Most bearings have a rubber seal to repel dirt. These can be removed for cleaning. Closed bearings with pressed steel seals do not pollute so quickly but can not be opened for cleaning. Semi-open bearings are equipped with only one rubber seal and provide less friction and thus run somewhat faster. The development of the conventional skateboard bearing is the "builtin" bearing. The spacers and speed rings are already integrated in these 2-piece bearings, so fewer small parts can not be lost when changing the wheels. For ceramic bearings the steel balls are replaced by ceramic balls. Ceramic is harder than steel, so that dirt in the bearing is pulverized without leaving scratches or damage to the balls. As a result, ceramic bearings have a longer life which is subject to regular maintenance and cleaning.


For the regular maintenance of your bearings we recommend Sunrise lubrication and for persistent cases Ionic Flux.

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Bearings and oil are available from these brands: Abec11, Airflow, Amphetamine, Aurora, Bear, Black Panthers, Blood Orange, Bones, Bronson, Bustin, Free, Haze, Independent, Ionic Flux, Loaded, Mini Logo, Modus, Olson & Hekmati, Rayne, Rush, Sabre, Sector9, Seismic and Sunrise.

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