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Welcome to Concretewave Skateshop Cologne / Germany

You are searching for Longboard or Skateboard Hardware and no fashion?

If yes you found the perfect shop because we mostly sell hardware like Decks, Trucks, wheels and everything you need for the perfect setup. In our opinion this is a real skateshop like it was back in the days... 

Come and check our retail store in Cologne / Germany or browse the huge new online shop. 
We have huge selection in Skateboard and Longboard hardware from more then 200x different brands. 
There is a perfect board and accessories for everyone in stock. 
Longboards: Cruiser / Carver, Dancer, Downhill / Freeride, Minicruiser / Penny, Hybrid, Longdistance and Surfskates
Skateboards: Standard / Street, Pool / Park, Oldschool, Cruiser and Reissues.

Our new shop. Subbelrather Strasse 140 / 50823 Köln

Opening times:

Monday bis Friday: 12 - 19 o`clock

Saturday: 10 - 16 o`clock


Tel:+49 (0) 221 3974669 (Store & Onlineshop)


Concretewave Skateshop
Subbelrather Str. 140
50823 Köln

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