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The most important component of longboards or skateboards are the trucks. They determine the manageability and are selected according to the length and width of the board. Longboard trucks are also called reverse kingpin trucks (RKP) differ by their kingpin geometry. Trucks for skateboards are called traditional kingpin trucks (TKP).

a longboard truck you will notice that the kingpin is installed diagonally and points upwards. Because of the special longboard trucks geometry you have more lean and your trucks turn more and are stable even at higher speeds. For fliptricks and grinds these trucks are rather less suited to their overall height. A standard longboard truck is 180mm wide, has a kingpin angle of 50 ° and fits almost all longboard decks. The width of the trucks will be selected according to the width of the deck. For narrower boards 150-160mm trucks are recommended. Trucks with an angle less than 50 ° steer slightly less but are more stable at higher speeds. RKP trucks with a 45° angle or less are recommended for speeds from 50-60 km/h upwards. The use of RKP trucks is suitable for a wheelbase from 22 "length.
Dropthrough Montage
Except for a few exceptions all longboard trucks are suitable for dropthrough mounting. In doing so the base plate of the axle is screwed from above through the board and thus lowered approx. 1.5 - 2.5 cm.

For classic topmount mounting all longboard trucks are exceptionally suitable. To avoid wheelbites and increase cushioning on uneven roads it is recommended to use shockpads and for wheels larger than 65mm riser pads.

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These brand deliver high quality longboard trucks: ADO, Atlas, Bear, Bolzen, Caliber, Goldcoast, Gullwing, Kahalani, Newton, Paris, Randal, Rogue, Sabre, Seismic and Skoa.

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