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The shape of a skateboard deck has developed over the past 40 years from a single kick deck to an almost symmetrical shape, which is well suited for doing tricks. Standard decks are often referred to as popsicle shape decks.
The width of the board is a matter of your riding style and also always something related to the body size. The standard deck width is currently between 7.825 "and 8.25".
Narrow decks are easier to spin and more suitable for kids.

Wider boards are easier to control, but of course heavier.

We recommend these deck widths for the first attempts:
0 - 6 years: under 6.5"
6 - 10 years: 6.5" - 7.25"
From 10 years: 7.5" or wider

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These brands deliver high quality popsicle shaped decks: 5BORO, Basement, Creature, Dogtown, Girl, Inpeddo, Jart, Koloss, KlubsoftMinus Pools & Ramps, Mob, Moto City Inc., Pavel, Plan B, Robotron, Santa Cruz, Street Plant, Sunrise, Welcome and WKND.

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