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Longboard Decks

In this category you will find longboard decks without trucks and wheels. You have the possibility to customize your longboard according to your riding style. We have a lot of decks in various price classes, designs, sizes, shapes and colors in stock.
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means that the shape of the board is determined by the requirements and the desired riding style. In this category you will find the perfect boards for every riding style: flexy cruiser/commuter for city use, long decks for dancing and boardwalking, super stiff decks for downhill use, agile and compact minicruisers, extended skateboard decks (hybrid) or longdistance boards with extremely low center of gravity for long treks. You can choose between different wood and construction types. A standard deck consists of seven to nine layers of Canadian maple. Often other types of wood, such as bamboo, ash, poplar or birch are also used. In order to produce stable or even flexible boards additional composites such as fibreglass, carbon fiber, aramite or basalt are also used for boards from the upper price category. Through the so-called composite construction weight can be saved and the durability or flexibility of a deck can be significantly extended. Depending on the preferences the limits of the different deck types can be blurred. That means: A downhillboard can be used as a citycruiser and a dancer can also be used to skate downhill for example.

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