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Skateboards for Kids

Children and skateboards. What do you need to consider when buying your child's first complete skateboard?

First and foremost, getting on a skateboard early enough is the right decision for life. Skating is the greatest hobby in the world and giving a child a skateboard is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. Even toddlers can be introduced to the board at an early age and train their sense of balance at a young age. If you gain experience with the board as a child or teenager, you will very quickly get into the movements of skateboarding. As you get older, it becomes more difficult to get started, but not impossible!

Which skateboard size for my child?

The size of skateboards is usually determined by the width of the deck. If you read "XXX Skateboard 7", this means that the deck is 7 inches wide. Skateboard sizes for children are usually between 6.5" to 7.75".

We recommend these deck widths (approximate) for the first push attempts:

  • 0 - 6 years: Under 6.5"

  • 5 - 9 years: 6.5" - 7.25"

  • From 9 years: 7.5" - 7.75"

  • from 12 years: 8" or larger.

As the size of children of all ages tends to vary, this information should of course be seen as a guide.

Most boards suitable for young skaters are automatically shorter (in proportion to their width, so to speak) and usually also have a shorter wheelbase, which makes the decks easier and more controlled to steer and tricks are also easier to learn. A skate deck that is too long is of course more difficult to handle and a deck that is too short offers less stability. If you are unsure, the ConcreteWave skateshop crew and all our employees are always happy to help.

Which wheels for kids to skate?

Smaller and lighter wheels are better for children and softer wheels are better until they develop enough skills to take advantage of hard wheels in the skatepark and for tricks. Smaller wheels have less weight but are also more likely to get stuck on bumps. New skaters who don't learn in a real skatepark, but also in given street conditions on hard wheels, can spoil their experience and interest in skateboarding.

You should therefore choose a healthy average here (approx. 52mm to 54mm), the softer the skateboard wheels are, the more relaxed the riding experience will be, even on poorer surfaces. For beginners, you should choose a wheel between 78a and 95a. If you want to learn tricks and / or roll on the finest surfaces in the skate park, you can also choose harder wheels (approx. 95a to 101a).

Nemo boards for children under 6 years.

Stylish, safe and ready for action-packed adventures on four wheels! Nemo skateboards are not just a way to ride, but a ticket to unforgettable moments and unlimited fun. Thanks to the foam or cork on the top, even very small children can skate with their knees and have fun without their pants suffering. Due to the soft wheels, a certain width but short length, Nemoboards are perfect as a first skateboard for very young children under 6.

What do I need to consider with a skateboard?

When buying your first skateboard, you should first and foremost pay attention to the right quality and size of the skateboard. It is also very important to adjust the trucks and steering rubbers correctly so that the board steers well even with little load. You can buy so-called "children's boards" or "mini skateboards" on the internet for very little money. However, these are usually of inferior quality and quickly take the fun out of skating, or prevent it from happening in the first place. If you buy a children's skateboard from, we guarantee that your young skaters will have fun and that it's not the quality of the children's skateboard that makes it difficult to get started. Because if the quality is right, practice makes perfect ;)

What does a Complete / complete skateboard mean?

A complete skateboard is a skateboard with the trucks, wheels and all other parts already fitted to the deck, so it is "complete" and ready to ride. Children can get started immediately with these completes, only the steering needs to be adjusted to the right weight.

What is the difference between a "real" skateboard and one from a toy store?

There are a lot of differences between the skateboards you can buy in a toy store and those available in a skate store that you might not even notice at first glance.

Toy Shop Skateboard

A skateboard from a toy store is made of inferior wood and glue, plastic bushings and plastic wheels that are slippery and slow. Such boards don't last 5 minutes and stop your child from skateboarding and learning, which is not good and ruins the sport of skateboarding right from the start. The construction is often cut corners in order to keep the price low - this has an impact on performance and even worse on safety.

A "real skateboard"

These skateboards are made by skateboarders for skateboarders and we only offer these qualities for you and your kids! Made from high-quality materials such as maple wood (usually from Canada), urethane wheels and usually softer bushings, these boards enable faster progress. Steering and pushing will be much easier and the confidence and success of your skateboarding child will grow quickly.

What protective equipment do children need for skateboarding? Is a helmet important?

In short - YES, when you start skateboarding (and even as a pro) you will fall, and more than once! It's best to equip yourself with proper protectors and a helmet. Knee and elbow pads do what they say on the label. They protect your knees and elbows! A helmet should be a given, especially on concrete! Get your skater kids a decent helmet with CE certification so you can be sure it will do its job properly. All the skateboard helmets we sell are from good skate or snowboard brands and offer the right protection for your head and that of your skateboarding kids. They are also certified for bike use, which is an added bonus. Make sure it fits well. A helmet is not one of those things you should "grow into"! Wrist guards are a good idea to protect your wrists and palms from impact. Take a look at the pads sets, these offer a clear price advantage over buying the required protectors individually.

There's not much to do to maintain your kids' skateboard.

You just shouldn't leave it out in the rain or ride it in the rain, otherwise the bearings will rust and the deck may peel off (delaminate). It is a good idea to clean the ball bearings from time to time. They become clogged with dirt and deposits, which can slow down the ride. To do this, you can remove the wheels with a skate tool and use the end of the truck to lever out the bearing. Be careful not to damage the wheels or the skateboard axles. Carefully wash off the dirt and grime on the children's skateboard with a slightly damp cloth and a cleaning agent that is suitable for steel, rubber and plastic, e.g. rubbing alcohol or acetone. Avoid oil-based cleaners, which can leave a sticky residue. Do not use WD-40! NEVER! Put the wheels back in and mount them! For a quick tune-up, leave the wheels and bearings mounted and spray a lubricant such as Sunrise Schmiere or Bones Speed Cream directly onto the skateboard wheels. If your skateboard bearings are worn out, you can also replace them with new ones instead of cleaning them. The most important tool at the end. All screws and nuts on skateboards are imperial. We recommend buying the matching T-tool with every skateboard. This means you always have all the right skateboard tools to hand and won't be annoyed by unsuitable tools.

Skateboarding has experienced a real boom in recent years.

With more and more skateparks springing up, there's never been a better time to get kids away from computer games and out into the fresh air. However, it's good to start off right, and buying a 'first skateboard' can be confusing. If you need more help, don't be afraid to ask - we're happy to answer on all channels including email, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, phone or even personally in our Skateshop in cologne ;).

In our store and online store we give you tips and are also happy to provide advice. The next generation is particularly important to us, which is why we also offer skateboards of the usual high quality for the little ones.

We offer skateboards for children from many leading brands. It's also worth taking a look at our Kids Corner. There you will find skateboards, longboards, protectors and helmets exclusively for the little ones.

Oh yes: a skateboard is not just for Christmas, but will ideally accompany you for the rest of your life.

Now get out, get on the board. SKATE SKATE SKATE SKATE

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