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Skateboard Museum

Concretewave is more than a random Skateshop. 
Beside our huge selection our store is a small Skateboard Museum. 
For many years we collect old skateboards and everything that comes
along with Skateboarding like videos, magazines and stickers. A part
from this collection you can see in the shop, the rest remains in our
office and warehouse. 
We hope you like the collection as much as we do!

- Skateboardcollecting is not a crime -

Concretewave Skateboard Collection

Skateboardcollecting is not a crime!

We collect old Skateboards and parts for almost 20 years now. 
A huge part from our collection you can see in our store the rest is
in our office or remains in boxes in the warehouse. 
We will upload more pics from time to time here so came back again. 

If you have old Skateboards in the basement or attic that you do not need
anymore feel free to contact us. We buy or trade a lot so just ask. 
For us the old boards is the prefect decoration in our store so we need
always new old stuff! 


Please check out our Reissue deck: Reissue decks

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