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Orangatang wheels & bushings

Orangatang is dedicated to the growth of boardsports through performance, community and creative expression.

The wheels come from the masterminds behind Loaded Boards and are among the highest quality wheels on the longboard market. The urethane comes from the USA and special compounds guarantee long durability, lots of rebound and incredible speed. The cores of the wheels are also all specially developed and Orangatang Wheels has its own durable and functional cores and urethane compounds for every application.

The wheels can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • RACING & CARVING: Caguama, Kegel, In Heat, 4 President, Love Handles & Dad Bod.
  • FREERIDE: Durian, Stimulus, Fat Free & Skiff.
  • FREESTYLE & DANCING: Durian, Stimulus, Fat Free & Skiff.
  • DISTANCE & ELECTRIC: Dad Bod, Caguama & Kegel.
  • SURFSKATE: Love Handles, Fat Free, 4 President & Stimulus

Dad Bod's

are the highest performing 100mm+ urethane skateboard wheels available. Four years of development, our new TrypoCore and our proven Happy Thane formula have been combined to create the ultimate big-wheel experience at a shockingly light weight. Designed for top-level commuting, long-distance pushing and pumping, and e-skating, these wheels are meant to roll. The large 105mm diameter provides exceptional rolling speed, tons of momentum, smooth rolling and absurd distances per push - it's almost like cheating. Just add risers!


Lush urethane (proportioned in all the right places) provides speed, grip, comfort and momentum. Same lightweight and supportive core as the cones for compatibility with many electric skateboards.


The Orangatang Kegel is your ticket to high-speed steamrolling action and the destruction of a variety of small mammals. The large 80mm diameter ensures high rolling speeds, while the moderate 56mm width allows for a versatile balance of traction and slippage.

In Heat:

The 75mm Orangatang In Heat is a classically proportioned and well-balanced longboard wheel for hard carving, pumping, slalom and downhill racing. The offset bearing seat and sharp edges provide high traction, while the thick lips and suggestively grooved walls provide progressive energy return in and out of turns.


The Orangatang Durian is a big, beefy piece of urethane designed to carry longboard commuters around town or to be liberally smeared across your favorite freeride descent. The combination of an offset bearing seat and a relatively wide tread with stiff, rounded lips results in something that feels like a cross between a perfectly broken-in road bike and a drifting freeride bike.

The Cage:

The Cage is the largest of our centerset freeride line and offers plenty of float and balanced grip for high-speed downhill freeriding. Gently beveled sides, rounded edges, a stone-ground contact surface and a strong core ensure smooth, consistent slides and even wear. The Peachy Thane formula offers a balance of buttery smooth drifts and high durability.


Tall and lean, the Moronga rolls fast and slides for days. Stiff and powerful lips provide smooth slides, reliable traction and excellent wear characteristics for freeriding. The Euphorethane formula provides exceptional durability and damn long glide. Its fast, lightweight performance also makes it a popular choice for freestyle longboards.


The 70mm Stimulus is a medium offset freeride wheel that is suitable for slides, freestyle, dancing and commuting. The offset bearing seat, the relatively wide contact patch and the stiff, rounded lips offer an ideal balance of carving traction and smooth drifts.


The 4President is a small and lightweight slalom wheel that is perfect for hard carving and pumping with fast acceleration. Sharp, slightly angled edges allow the wheel to maintain traction on technical descents, while a thick and solid lip profile ensures smooth and predictable drifts.

The Kilmer:

At 69 mm, the Kilmer is just the right size to handle everything from downhill freeriding to longboard dancing. Gently beveled sides, rounded edges, a stone-ground contact patch and a strong core ensure smooth, consistent slides and even wear. The Peachy Thane formula offers a balance of buttery smooth drifts and high durability.

The Keanu:

The Keanu is a fast and light wheel for technical freeriding and freestyle longboard dancing. Gently beveled sidewalls, rounded edges, a stone-ground contact surface and a strong core ensure smooth, consistent slides and even wear. The Peachy Thane formula offers a balance of buttery smooth drifts and high durability.

Fat Free:

The 65mm Fat Free fits perfectly on your favorite mini cruiser or double kick longboard. The compact size makes for a fast, light and flippable setup. Rounded lips and a stone-ground contact surface make sliding a breeze.


Small, light and versatile - the Skiff is the perfect wheel for aggressive all-terrain skateboarding. The pink AF core provides speed and grip, while rounded lips and Happy Urethane ensure smooth and consistent slides.

In addition to the wheels, Orangatang also produces high-quality bushings.

Orangatang Nipples Bushings: Particularly lively and energetic. Sold as a set of four (4), including four thin and strong flat washers. Nipples are not recommended for every axle on the market, but they work well with Paris, Tracker Fastracks and Randals (among others).

Orangatang Knuckles Bushings:

Orangatang Knuckles are a ultimate High-Energy Bushing Upgrade for Carving, Pumping, Dancing and Freestyle Longboarding.


Orangatang Wheels was launched in 2008 to advocate for the civil rights of native river hogs in Southern California. In 2009, we garnered international praise for our brief and completely independent foray into the production and wholesale of exotic animal jerky.


We build what we want to ride. We have a passion for materials, are committed to environmentally conscious design and production, appreciate the intricacies of the process (the devil is in the detail) and are believers in function-driven design. The ideation and design of all our products is driven by a small, project-specific internal team, followed by input from the entire internal crew and selected ambassadors. The strength of each project team is based on trust, maximizing individual strengths/perspectives, accountability, intellectual rigor and constructive criticism. Egos and biased assumptions are challenged, and each player is expected to bring a healthy dose of positivity and passion. The result is both a refined product and significant personal growth.


As with everything, it's all about the people. We've worked hard to build a tight-knit crew of diverse and unique individuals who share a common passion for going crazy and who have collective synergy. This approach extends beyond our internal crew to include our suppliers who are like-minded and who we believe are the best in the world at what they do.

We try to communicate a coherent ideology, and we find that those who understand it are drawn to it and become part of the dialog. This is especially true for our stores and dealers around the world, who are our partners in being irreverent and spreading the gospel of stoking. Do you already know about the Orangatang Wheels Ambassador Program? The goal of the ambassador program is to foster an inclusive skate community while pushing the boundaries of what you can do on a board. To accomplish this, you enlist the help of super talented riders who challenge themselves, inspire others and have a good time. Ideally you'd love to sponsor everyone out there and set up skateboard-only lanes on every street, but neither is possible. The reality is that it's really hard to get sponsored, but we encourage you to send us your sponsorship requests and your footy. We receive exactly 65.428 billion sponsorship requests every day, so don't be mad at us if we drop the ball and don't get back to you. However, we promise we'll look at every submission. Aim high, watch the videos on our channel and practice ... a lot. Just as importantly, spread cheer, encourage community growth, smile a lot and don't whistle too loudly.

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