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Downhill / Freeride

In this category you will find our downhill / freeride decks.
In downhill or speedboarding it's about skating down a steep and winding road on the fastest line. You can easily reach speeds over 60km/h. The current world speed record in standup downhill skating is 143.89km/h. Skate skills and precise board control are therefore obligatory to reduce or stop completely in every situation by drift, slide, airbreak or foot brake. Freeride is a form of downhill skateboarding with focus on tricks and technical riding on a hill.

slides without competition thoughts. It doesn't matter if you carve down the hill, do standup or hands down slides or do it the classic way foot braking. In order to control your board at high speeds downhill boards are torsional rigid and usually equipped with a strong concave. Depending on your riding style you can choose between decks with a drop platform, dropthrough or topmountboards with elaborate 3D concave or rocker.
Drop platform and dropthrough decks are more stable at higher speeds and can be slid more easily compared to a topmount board due to their low center of gravity.
Topmountboards on the other hand offer more grip and allowing more sensitivity to the road conditions.

These brands offer high quality downhill and freeride decks: Alternative, Arbor, Airflow, Bustin, Dasilva, Earthwing, Fibretec, Goat, GOG Skateboards, Gravity, Hackbrett, Icone, Jet, Kebbek, Landyachtz, Loaded, Lush, Moonshine, Never Summer, Olson & Hekmati, Omen, Quinboards, Rayne, Restless, Rocket, Root, Sector9 and Slipstream.

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