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Hardware and small Parts

In this category you will find hardware, nuts and bolts in different lengths.
Here you can also find small parts such as washers (flat, cupped or precision) or pivot cups for various longboard trucks.
The screw length is determined by the thickness of the deck and riser pads used.
For topmount boards you need countersunk head screws in 1 ", 1.25" or 1.5 "length.

In the case of dropthrough mounting usually 1 "or 1.25" flat head screws are used.

Here are our recommendations for the screw length for a 7-ply maple longboard deck plus riserpads or wedges:
7-ply maple + 1/8 "riser pad: 1" countersunk screws
7-ply maple + 1/4 "riser pad: 1,25" countersunk screws
7-ply maple + 1/2 "riser pad: 1.5" countersunk screws
7-ply maple + 6 ° wedge: 1,5 "+ 1,25" countersunk screws
7-ply maple + 12 ° wedge: 1.75 "+ 1.25" countersunk screws

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These brands deliver high quality hardware, nuts and bolts: Atopic, Bolzen, Bones, Khiro, Loaded, Paris, Randal, Riptide, Sabre, Seismic, Slipstream and Sunrise.

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