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The most important component of a skateboard or longboard are the trucks. They determine the manageability and are selected according to the length and width of the board.

Skateboardtrucks also known as traditional kingpin trucks (TKP) are distinguished by

their geometry of longboard trucks or also reverse kingpin trucks (RKP). With a skateboard truck the kingpin is almost straight up and on a longboard trucks the kingpin is inclined and points outwards.

Here is our recommendation for the appropriate trucks to the respective deck width.
Truck width            Matching decks
Independent 109:   smaller then 7,4"
Independent 129:   7,4"- 7,75"
Independent 139:   7,75" - 8,25"
Independent 149:   8,25" - 8,75"
Independent 159:   8,75" - 9,25"
Independent 169:   9,25" - 9,75"
Independent 215:   10" and wider
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These brands deliver high quality skateboard trucks: Ace, Bear, Bullet, Caliber, Destructo, Goldcoast, Gullwing, Gunmetal, Independent, Paris, Penny, Polster, Royal, Sabre, Tensor, Thunder, Tracker, Venture.

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