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Bushings are made of polyurethane and determine the steering behavior of your trucks. You can choose between different shapes and duros. The main difference in bushings is the restoring force (rebound). The characteristics and also the color of a bushing can vary according to manufacturer and urethane mixture with the same hardness. The steering characteristics of an truck can be individually adjusted to the various needs through different bushings and duros.

Here are our recommendations for the optimal bushings adjustment by body weight. The choice of the durometer of a bushing can vary depending on the purpose of use and personal preferences.

Bodyweight        Soft    Medium    Hard
0 - 22kg:             60a        65a       75a
22 - 45kg:           65a        78a       81a
34 - 56kg:           80a        83a       85a
45 - 65kg:           85a        87a       88a
34 - 79kg:           88a        90a       93a
45 - 88kg:           90a        93a       94a
79 - 99kg+:         91a        93a       100a

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These brands deliver high quality skateboard bushings: Bones, Dead Bolts, Independent, Riptide and Supercush.

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