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MOB Griptape

Mob Grip

The No. 1 among professionals. MOB GRIP is the grippiest grit tape! MOB offers premium classic black skate griptape that is known as the grippiest griptape in skateboarding. With its unique bubble-free and super-sticky technology, MOB Grip is the first choice of the pros.

The Mob Griptape features:

  • Hundreds of barely visible perforations that allow air to escape and ensure bubble-free application.
  • Exclusive silicon carbide grain bonding process for grip that won't wear off.
  • High-strength, waterproof, tear-resistant backing that peels cleanly every time.
  • Super-tacky adhesive that won't peel in extreme heat or cold.

The Mob Grip graphic skateboard griptape line

are available with unique designs and limited editions in collaboration with Thrasher, Independent, Bro Style, Santa Cruz, The 9 Club & more... Stand out from the crowd and design your own board with the extensive range of colorful and camo grip tapes!

Whether you want to design your own grip tape or show off your custom deck top art, clear skateboard griptape gives you all the options for your grip job. MOB Clear Griptape features an exclusive grain bonding process that won't wear off, period. With this consistent and grippy formula, you won't slip anymore and because MOB Clear is optically transparent, your top graphic is much more visible than the competition. Cut MOB Clear to fit your style or lay it over your entire board to represent the top graphic. MOB Clear offers the same durability, grip and feel that makes MOB the pro's choice.

MOB Coarse Grip was developed with high-speed downhill skateboarding in mind, where maximum grip is needed to keep your feet in place during descents, slides and turns at speeds of over 100 km/h!

Mob has its own exclusive production facility. However, there are a number of companies that have griptape produced in Asia and have it cut and printed in the USA. "Basically, all the smaller brands come from the same source," explains Ben Woody, VP of Product at NHS, the manufacturer of Mob Grip. With a commodity like griptape, the profit margins are small.

"We only use the best raw materials, so the cost per layer is quite high," says Woody at Mob. "With additional processes, equipment and labor, it's a big investment. But although prices have gone up a bit in recent years, a standard black ply from Mob only costs maybe a euro or two more at retail than it did 10 years ago."

The Mob Grip team includes skateboard greats such as:

Alex Sorgente, Alex Wilms, Alexis Sablone, Andrea Benitez, Anthony Van Engelen, Brad Cromer, Brighton Zeuner, Carlisle Aikens, Chloe Covell, Chris Gregson, Clay Kreiner, Clive Dixon, Collin Provost, Daewon Song, David Gravette, Dylan Jaeb, Dylan Williams, Eric Dressen, Erick Winkowski, Fabiana Deflino, Felipe Gustavo, Felipe Nunes, Filipe Mota, Franky Villiani, Geoff Rowley, Giovanni Vianna, Griffin Gass, Hjalte Halberg, Ivan Federico, Jackson Pilz, Jahmir Brown, Jereme Knibbs, Jhancarlos Gonzales, John Shanahan, Keegan Palmer, Leo Baker, Louie Barletta, Mason Silva, Maurio McCoy, Miles Silvas, Milton Martinez, Minna Stees, Nomiji Nishiya, Na-Kel Smith, Nate Greenwood, Nicole Hause, Nora Vasconcellos, Pedro Barros, Poe Pinson, Rayssa Leal, Roman Pabich, Ryan Townley, Samarria Brevard, Sebo Walker, Susi Heath, Tanner Van Vark, Tate Carew, Tom Asta, Trent McClung, Vincent Milou, Willis Kimbel and Zachary Kovacs.

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