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Ionic Flux Black Steel molecular Bearing Lube

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Ionic Flux Black Steel molecular Bearing Lube

Hightech bearing oil for all standart skateboard/longboard bearings.

Ionic Flux is a small company based in Tartu, Estonia that sprouted from an idea between a skater, a physicist, and a chemist. This idea, became an experiment, which later became a bearing lube.
How does that happen? Well, our chemist works with molecules. She is a PhD in Organic Chemistry, so she not only studies special molecules, she creates them, and in our case, to reduce friction.
One day in 2013, our physicist who specializes in surface science and also happens to be our chemist's brother told the skater about this cool stuff our chemist is working on that reduces friction, and of course, the skater was naturally interested to test it on his bearings. So, he did... and he was blown away.
The skater, being super stoked about it told some other local skaters to try it out, so we made some more and they tried it out too and everybody in Estonia got stoked on skate lube.
By mid 2014, we did some more experimenting, and added an extra element of nano-technology to our skate bearing lubricant, which we found not only made bearings roll even better than the original formula, but could also restore bearings that got nasty and siezed up.
Since then, we've merged some high-tech stuff into our bearing lubes, with numerous advantages over many other products available today. We could tell you the science behind it, but instead, suggest you flux your bearings to find out.
We are a skater owned, scientist operated business, focused on spreading the stoke of science and how it can make you roll like hell.

For Downhill, Distance, Free-ride, and Street

GO FASTER Ionic Flux is designed to reduce sliding friction and rolling resistance generated by metal-to-metal contact and heavily used bearings"€meaning you go faster with less holding you back.

ROLL LONGER Skate further than before by reducing re-lube intervals. Ionic Flux molecules retain oil on the surface they bond to, which prevents oil seeps that occur after hard skating over long distances.

EXTEND BEARING LIFE Any heat generated from friction at high speeds will usually burn up regular oils or cause them to thin out, leaving your bearings damaged. The molecular structure found in our lubricants does not break down but instead continues to protect your bearings under the most extreme temperature conditions.

SKATE ANYWHERE Rain or shine, skate in every type of weather. We have incorporated additional additives in our lubricant to battle moisture, purge dirt, and inhibit corrosion.

RESTORE YOUR OLD BEARINGS If your bearings have faced the elements and rusted, the nano-technology in our skate lube can bring old bearings back to life. With a proper clean and lube, our lubricant has been known to remove rust and un-seize bearings that have corroded

Made in Europe (Estonia).

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