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Andale Bearings

Andale bearings

A company run by skaters. Run by Joey Brezinski and Paul Rodriguez. Here to bring you the best affordable bearings. Rider tested and approved! Andale was founded in 2010 by Joey and Paul. Since then they have developed premium bearings and built a solid team of riders.


The current Andale team is huge and impressive: Carlos Ribeiro, Tiago lemos, Nathan Ko, Ace Pelka, Nick Tucker, Jen Soto, Tory Pudwill, Rune gliffburg, Darren Navarrete, Skyler king, Will Gomez, Johnny alexander, Greg Rodriguez, Victor Brooks, Julian Jeang-Agliardi, Kelly hart, Luca puig, Jérémie Daclin, Trent Mcclung, Trevor Mcclung, Marquise Henry, Santana Saldana, Carlos guillen, James Espinoza, Addie Fridy, Daewon song, Joey Brezinski, Ben Campbell, Spencer semien, Carter Oeflein, Rodrigo Peterson and Jb Gillet.

Andale Swiss Pro Rated Bearings

  • Not all ball bearings are the same. What makes the ProRated Swiss so good?

  • It starts with the use of a high-quality chrome steel alloy for the balls and races.

  • These are precision machined and polished to a surface roughness of less than 0.1 microns.

  • The smoother the polish, the lower the friction.

  • The faster the acceleration and the higher the top speed.

  • The balls are classified according to their quality class.

Andale Pro Rated Swiss use Grade 5, which means that the balls have a tolerance of 5/1,000,000 inches to be a true ball. This perfection also reduces friction to reduce internal wear and in turn maximize speed and acceleration. The cage has been designed to withstand all the rigors of skateboarding.

Since the cage is a critical component to maximize durability and protect a bearing from failure, not only did it need to be reinforced in critical areas, but a suitable material blend of nylon and fiberglass had to be found. The ProRated Swiss uses a removable, friction-free rubber protection for easy cleaning. To get the best performance from a bearing, it is essential to keep it free of dirt and debris.

A step is milled into the inner ring so that the rubber protection overlaps and the oil remains in the bearings and no dirt gets into the bearings, which increases wear and reduces speed. The bearings are lubricated with a specially formulated synthetic oil that adheres to the components in a thin layer and protects them from wear and corrosion. The ProRated Swiss Bearings have been developed for maximum speed.

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