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Landyachtz Longboards

Why Landyachtz?

The short answer is that we love skateboarding. We make the highest quality skateboards. We ride them. We test them carefully. We push them to their limits. We figure out how to make them even better. As our products evolve, so does our experience. This symbiosis helps to advance the culture of skateboarding.

Who we are:

We started building our own versions of skateboards to have fun on the way between lectures. Riding on campus brought adventure and adrenaline to a moment that wasn't normally exciting. The fun of riding a skateboard was so great that skateboarding became a goal. We were looking for curves and hills to conquer. Our view of the world had changed forever. We began to see our surroundings as an endless playground of possibilities.

Our values:

The reason Landyachtz skateboards stand out in terms of quality, value and fun to ride is because of our attention to detail and passion for innovation. When we started making skateboards 25 years ago, we didn't realize how far we would push the boundaries of the sport and how great the need for stronger, more precise equipment would be. The products that were on the market in the late 90's could not withstand the forces we put them through. The steep and twisty streets of our city demanded bigger and better wheels, stronger and more responsive trucks and boards that could withstand the constant abuse as they got faster and harder the stronger we rode and the more challenging the terrain became.

The perfect complete solution

All the parts that make up a skateboard depend on each other to function properly. One weak link can affect the whole setup and turn a perfectly good skateboard into something that doesn't feel right, or even bring it to a complete halt. We realized early on that we can't just build a fantastic skateboard deck and then put any old trucks or wheels on it. And the same goes for making trucks or wheels. Just like preparing a meal, the quality of the dish depends on the ingredients you start with and how they work together. The only difference is that you can go 100 km/h with a Landyachtz longboard. Don't try that with your mother's spaghetti. We've spent the last two decades developing skateboards with the goal of creating perfect completes. That means you can take any of our boards off the shelf and immediately experience its maximum potential, without any customization.

Why races are important

We fell in love with fast driving. It wasn't long before we started taking part in races and organizing them. Racing allowed us to challenge the conventions of skateboarding with new concepts, such as lowering the center of gravity. Just as the automotive industry relies on racing to test new technologies in the most extreme conditions, we used racing to learn how to design and develop skateboards that remain stable at higher speeds, make tighter turns and glide more predictably. Racing allows us to push the boundaries of performance. Our successes and failures give us the knowledge to expertly tune all our products to deliver the ultimate riding experience. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail has led to countless innovations and improvements that now feature in all our boards. You may not see the difference, but you will feel it.


The deck design was one of the first things we looked at. We wanted to give riders more stability at higher speeds without losing control. To achieve this, we started bending wood in all sorts of wild ways to create platforms that provide the ultimate control. Over the years, we've learned to bend maple wood in ways we once thought impossible. All of our skateboard decks, from the Dinghy to the Triple Beam, are complex 3D surfaces shaped to give you the absolute best performance, control, comfort and fun in any situation. We use a variety of materials for our boards, but the vast majority of our boards are made from Canadian maple wood. Not all Canadian maple trees are the same.

The trees are as individual as we are. There are trees with long, even fibers that are perfect for skateboard veneers. And there are gnarled, old, haggard trees that are only suitable for building haunted houses. We hand-select the trees from which our boards are made, drawing on the experience we've gained from manufacturing, testing and riding our own products. We have developed a deep understanding of the fiber structures, sugar content, environmental conditions and harvesting techniques that help produce the best possible skateboards. In addition, our sustainability mission ensures that we protect this valuable resource for future generations and for the good of the planet. Low-cost brands that dominate sites like Amazon do not subject their products to the same selection criteria or commitment to environmental protection.

Choosing the best skateboard

If you've ever searched the internet for the best skateboard brands, the best skateboard or the best product ever, you've undoubtedly come across a number of review sites that don't really provide useful or accurate information. The truth is that most of these sites are run by people who want to make money from Amazon referral links. Often the reviews are automatically generated by software and not even written by a real person. We believe that product research should be informative and entertaining. There's nothing more exciting than deciding which new skateboard to buy, except of course, riding the new board.

Choosing a board can be an overwhelming task if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. We've spent some time creating a board finder to help you narrow down your choices based on the factors we think are important. 4 factors to consider before buying a complete skateboard

Purpose - The type of skateboarding or situations in which we believe a board is best suited. Environment - Where we think a board can best be used. Ride - Characteristics that determine how a board feels when riding. Vibe - The look and feel of a board.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can send us an e-mail (info@concretewave.de) or call us on 0221-3974669. We love talking about skateboards! At the end of the day, buying the best skateboard is often an emotional decision. Because riding is such a personal experience, it's important to choose the board that feels right for you. Choose the board that catches your eye and makes you want to ride it. There's really no right or wrong way to skate as long as you're having fun. Certain boards, wheels and trucks may be better suited to certain environments or situations, but innovation and progression often comes from pushing the boundaries and trying something new.

We have divided our Landyachtz skateboard range into five categories to make it easier for you to choose. Each category offers skateboards designed for different riding styles. Finding the right skateboard has never been easier. Cruisers - Smaller boards, ideal for skating around town and exploring the city. They have kicktails, soft wheels and are fast becoming our most popular boards. ATVs - All-terrain vehicles. These boards are designed for skating around town, hitting spots, doing tricks and giving you the opportunity to show off your own style of skating. Soft wheels make them quiet and comfortable to push. A great skateboard for beginners.

Longboards - Larger boards that are ideal for cruising on trails. They are less maneuverable than our smaller boards, but much more "surfy". We also have a range of drop mounted longboards in this category. These are great for higher speeds and carving on gentle hills. Downhill Freeride - Our fastest boards can be found here. These boards are packed with a lot of technology and features, all geared towards fast downhill skateboarding. In this category you will find both drop mounted and hollowtech skateboards. Dance and Freestyle - We have developed this line of boards to meet the growing demands of dance and freestyle skaters. We also have some Hollowtech longboards in this category, so check those out too.

The best thing about skateboarding is the journey of discovery. Pursue the things that excite you and don't be afraid to try something new. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the person who shows us all a new way to have fun on a board.

Behind the brand: Landyachtz

For countless skaters, seeing someone ride past them one day was enough to fire their imagination and inspire them to get on a board themselves and start a lifetime of side-stance action. In the case of Thomas Edstrand, this shared event played out in much the same way. When Edstrand met Michael Perreten on campus at the University of Victoria, the two turned their subsequent conversation about Perreten's food-stained, maple and fiberglass-wrapped deck into a plan to start Landyachtz in the basement of a ski lodge in Whistler, British Columbia.

Against the backdrop of steep, hilly terrain, the pair founded one of the biggest companies in longboarding history with an idealistic goal: to develop boards that were strong and technically advanced, in the hope that they would make it to the bottom of their local hills in one piece. To meet the challenge, Perreten took on the role of shape design and construction, while Edstrand took on the artistic and graphic part of the business.

Perhaps the most important point in Landyachtz's history is the success the team had with the drop mount design before others in the industry came up with it. Since the first release of the Landyachtz DH Race Board, the team made one of the first boards where the trucks' baseplate was mounted on top of the deck while the truck's hanger dropped through the deck to keep the trucks as close to the ground as possible. In time, the guys followed up with the Landyachtz Evo, the first production drop-foot platform that offered unparalleled advantages in the world of downhill racing and fundamentally changed the game. The Evo's design featured an upturned nose that provided responsiveness in the front of the board, while an angled tail in the back of the board provided stability and the ability to chug, corner and drift fast in speed checks.

On another note, Landyachtz gained notoriety for their superior expertise in the use of carbon fiber in their designs. The use of carbon fiber not only provided the durability and rigidity needed to fly down the sketchiest of mountainsides, but also boards heavy enough to withstand the style of riding they became synonymous with. In the same vein, they were able to incorporate carbon fiber into their trucks and boards for other disciplines.

Although Landyachtz's roots are in fast downhill boards, they have also made a significant contribution to other disciplines of skateboarding by integrating their technical strengths into their diverse lineup of cruiser boards. The Landyachtz Dinghy, for example, has benefited from years of research and development and has continued to improve over the years. Unlike other similarly styled cruisers, which were usually produced with generic shapes, these boards were given their own specific shapes over the years and benefited from careful attention to detail throughout the design process. Combined with stable trucks, freeride-inspired wheels and bearings with built-in spacers, the Dinghy is a solid example of Landyachtz's downhill talent that has been transferred to other boards as well.

Another key to Landyachtz's success is, of course, the exemplary riding of their team members. From the all-terrain ripping of guys like Billy "Bones" Meiners to the outspoken enthusiasm of scene supporters like Bricin "Striker" Lyons, the Landyachtz team provides the perfect examples of how to get on your boards and have fun doing it. Often, team riders have begun their relationship with the brand as local allies, building their skills and interactions with the brand in tandem. Even though strong riding is an obvious pillar of the team, the Landyachtz team is measured more by their personality and contributions that go beyond their skills. Those who harmonize well with the other team riders and align with the brand's vision could secure a spot in the coveted lineup and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

LHowever, Landyachtz supports more than just the team that keeps the boards on the road. Over the years, they have placed a special emphasis on supporting events and humanitarian causes, both locally and internationally. In their native Canada, their continued efforts to keep the well-attended Attack of Danger Bay alive have helped it become one of the longest running downhill skate events in the world. Their involvement in events such as the Toronto Board Meeting and various college tours also contributes to their presence at general industry events and beyond.

Landyachtz also supports important environmental initiatives outside the company, in particular the "One Board, One Tree" campaign. With this initiative, the company funds the planting of one Canadian maple tree for every board sold, giving back directly to the hands that feed the company. Based on the principle that planting one tree provides enough wood for up to 60 skateboards, the company has partnered with a handful of different organizations that have been responsible for planting over 120 thousand trees to date.

With one of the most storied pasts in longboarding, there is no doubt that Landyachtz will continue to build on its established position in the industry with new product offerings and initiatives to support the industry. As usual, the new boards will go through a two-year cycle that includes the development and release of an original graphic, followed by a year when the boards are on the market and a graphic revision is added. Then, when the time is right, the product line is expanded and the cycle begins again. With some of the most commercially successful boards of all time having been released under the Landyachtz umbrella, it's only a matter of time before the next board goes down in the history books.

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