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Seismic Rippler Wheels 59mm

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Seismic Rippler wheels 59mm.

Set of 4 wheels!

Grip orientierte Rollen von Seismic. Ideal für Minicruiser. Sehr schnell und viel Grip.

59mm tall x 43mm wide RIPPLER Wheels 41mm running surface •

Offset bearing seat • Square outside edge, beveled inside edge 3.3 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels The 59mm x 43mm Rippler is a micro, lightning-quick version of our Hot Spot shapes – ideal for smaller rides like mini cruisers, locker boards, filmers, and retro pool/park boards. Frequently imitated by sellers of low-cost plastic boards, it was the first sub-60mm wheel on the market designed with classic race-oriented lip profiles. This super agile and grippy shape is now combined with the world’s fastest ’thane so you can roll, carve, and slash like never before! Poured in Seismic’s proprietary DEFCON – the urethane behind the World Speed Records for both Skateboard (91MPH) and Street Luge (101MPH). Get ready for a whole new realm of FAST! Molded around our advanced Mini-EC hub. Not too big and not too small, the Mini-EC hub preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel, stiffening the inside edge, and super-charging inside edge rebound.

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