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Sk8kings Slalom - Richy Carrasco Brown Bomber Pro - Axe M-Core Racing Series Deck 32.5" x 9"

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Sk8kings Slalom - Richy Carrasco Brown Bomber Pro - Axe M-Core Racing Series Deck 32.5" x 9"

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Designed by Richy "The Brown Bomber" Carrasco, multi-National Champion and 100 Cone World Record holder. The latest design features our newst M-Core construction and the classic Bombs Away graphic - paying homage to his early days with PPS. The Bomber is mid-sized for quick turning at speed and is ideal for tight, hybrid and some giant slalom with adjustable wheelbase options. Pressed from our Axe Series racing molds to achieve the perfect concave and foot wedge tail needed for effective foot placement. This deck offers control for cutting and turning at speed for max acceleration power and stability all the way to the finish line. The Bomber is a great choice for slalom racing, freeriding, long distance pumping - and can also be set up as a street cruiser by moving the truck location in rear and adding a tail skid plate.

Deck Specs and features: Overall dimensions: 32.5" x 9" - Dual WB: 21" & 22" cruiser WB upon request (functional kick tail option - not pre-drilled) M-Core Maple Construction: Hard rock maple laminates with inner M-Core lam - for light weight, performance drive and durability Wheel wells for tight turning clearance on multi-wheelbase options for max versatility Non-cambered race ready molded concave for perfect foot placement Revolutionary Torsion Tail concept - rear truck mounted in the kicktail angle - a natural tail kick foot wedge (we introduced this concept in 2003 - changing slalom deck design from then on) Pre-drilled multiple truck mounts - nose and tail - to shorten or lengthen your wheelbase Functional Kick Tail rear mount truck with skid plate to fit option available Graphic - Bombs Away Bandito - the classic PPS Brown Bomber graphic reinvented for 2022 - paying homage to Richy's first pro model with PPS in 2001 Manufactured in small batches in So Cal USA Axe Series Decks have been winning World Championships since 2004.

"Farbe": Rot
"Flexboard": Noflex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 32.5"
"Breite": 9.0"
"Shape": Asymmetrisch

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